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Business & Commercial Insurance in Beloit, Kansas

To be successful, your business has to offer exceptional, unique products, services, and experiences that customers cannot get elsewhere. You also have a duty to keep both your property and operations secure, because any problems within the business could radiate outward and affect a lot of other people. That’s something you don’t want to see happen, but for times when the worst does indeed happen, you should also be able to rely on a strong business insurance portfolio to back you up. 

Business insurance is a vast network of policy options that the average business owner can optimize to meet their needs and coverage specifications. With the right benefits in place, you can rest assured that you will get quality assistance at your service whenever you experience an unforeseen setback in operations. 

Here at  Fouts Insurance Agency, Inc. we believe in helping every client design customized, personalized business insurance benefits. Call us at 785.738.3558 or request your free commercial insurance quote now!  

Common Business Insurance Questions  

What is business insurance?  

You can’t ignore the fact that problems could arise in your business at any time. Fires or severe weather might damage your location, a thief or dishonest employee might make off with your company property, a customer might sue you because you caused them some type of harm (even unintentionally). All of these setbacks could wind up costing you a lot of money, not to mention causing a lot of reputational harm. You need a vessel that will enable you to pick up the pieces of these incidents without a massive financial loss, and that’s what business insurance will do. 

Business insurance is not a single policy like homeowners, auto or life insurance. Rather, it’s an umbrella term that refers to numerous commercial insurance options that the average business might need.  Working together, this combination of policies will help you work your way out of tough situations without sustaining irrevocable harm. 

What does business insurance cover?  

It’s up to you to find the optimized combination of benefits for your needs. Some of the policies that you can enroll in with our help include: 

  • Commercial property insurance: If something damages physical property—such as your building or possessions—then this coverage can help you repair or replace them.

  • General liability insurance: This covers the business in the event it causes property damage or bodily injuries to another party, like a client or vendor.

  • Business interruption insurance: This helps you pay the bills if you must temporarily close after a damaging accident.

  • Commercial auto insurance: When the company owns vehicles, this coverage will supply the requisite physical damage, liability and other benefits to help the company afford the costs of wrecks or other vehicle hazards.

  • Workers compensation insurance: If an employee gets hurt on the job, they are often eligible for workers compensation. It will supply them supplementary income during their recovery.

  • Errors & omissions insurance: Professional advice or mistakes could cause clients a financial loss. This coverage can compensate them on behalf of the business.

  • Surety bonds: If you are contractually bound to certain clients, then bonds will guarantee them that you will repay them if you cannot meet your obligations.

Of course, there are many other policies available 
that are designed to protect you against specific risks and liabilities. These include:

  • Inland Marine Insurance

  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)


  • Products/Completed Operations Liability Insurance

  • Cyber Liability Insurance

  • Umbrella Liability Insurance

  • Hired/Non-owned Auto Liability Coverage

Small business owners can benefit financially by bundling their essential coverage into a business owners policy (BOP). The BOP is designed for small operations, and allows you to get several benefits (property, general liability, business interruption) in one place and at one price.  

How much business insurance do I need? 

No two businesses, even those in the same industries, are identical. Therefore, while your nearest competitor’s insurance options might serve as guideposts for the coverage you need, you still should work with one of our agents to customize your business insurance portfolio to your needs. We’ll make sure the coverage options, deductibles, endorsements and other terms within your policies will provide maximized assistance even in the toughest loss scenarios. 

What will my business insurance benefits cost?  

Numerous factors can influence the price of your commercial insurance, and all your different plans will have different costs, based both on the coverage you choose and the risk factors that the insurer assumes by covering you.  

We understand that you might have concerns about the burden that your benefits will have on your overhead costs, but we are committed to working with you to get you the coverage that offers you the best value on the market.